About Us

Ai Newtech was founded in 2019 and works in the field of standardization and infrastructure construction for processing large data with the help of dynamically allocated computing power.

Ai Newtech provides its customers with access to unique computing resources depending on their requirements. The infrastructure we represent can be scaled up in near real time. Customers do not need to purchase, deploy and maintain complex and expensive hardware and software to solve one-off or infrequent problems.

The main product of Ai Newtech is "computational cases", which guarantee the client access to the software and hardware computing power, adjusted to the individual needs of each customer. Computer cases can be spent by clients on the decision of such problems, as calculation of physical models, processing of the big volumes of the data and training of neural networks of artificial intelligence.

Our main product: computing cases

The main product of Ai Newtech are computing cases - pre-configured volumes of computing power, which guarantee the client a certain time of access to the hardware-software complex, customized to each customer's individual needs.

Characteristics of computing cases are:

Hardware complex:

  • Architecture and frequency of processors;
  • Arbitrary number of computational cores;
  • Arbitrary amount of RAM;
  • Volume of disk space of any size with possibility of repeated replication.


  • Tools for effective machine learning of neural networks for decision making by artificial intelligence;
  • A wide range of pre-installed software: operating systems, virtualization systems (own ready-made images, as well as the ability to download the customer's image in various formats), billing systems, various databases, STBs.

Network infrastructure

Network infrastructure of any complexity with the ability to combine local networks in different zones (high-speed Internet channel, the presence of hardware routers and load-balancers, switches, traffic monitoring and accounting systems, optical converters, hardware firewalls, attack prevention systems).

GPUAMD Vega 58/64 8 Gb
CPUCPU Intel(R) Xeon Dual
RAM2 x DDR4 32 Gb
SSD128 Gb
OSLinux Debian

Our data centers

At the moment Ai NewTech works with data centers in Eastern Europe. Our data centers meet the latest international quality and fault tolerance standards and are equipped with precision air-conditioning systems, redundant diesel generators, powerful uninterruptible power supply systems, security systems and gas fire-fighting systems, distributed access control systems, water-cooling chillers. A round-the-clock technical support service was implemented.


We offer our customers computing power pre-packaged in specific computing cases, with pre-defined lifetimes and pre-installed software, depending on the industry.

Dedicated computing power for your business

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